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Back in 1918, Allan M. Williams joined the Michigan State Highway Department as a project engineer in 1918. In 1919, he drafted the state's first complete highway map. While it's not known for sure who designed the iconic diamond Michigan state highway sign, it's widely credited to Mr. Williams. The original sign was a bit taller than it was wide and had no black background. The diamond was adjusted to all 90 degree angles in the 30's and the black background was added in the early 70's to comply with new federal regulations.

M-26 runs from Houghton to Copper Harbor, way up north in the Upper Peninsula. By all means a highly scenic road, that's not why we chose to highlight it. Rather, Michigan was the 26th state admitted to the Union, making M-26 an easy choice. We even mixed a little bit of genuine Michigan asphalt in with the ink so that even if you leave the Great Lakes State, you'll always have a little bit of home with you.

- 13" x 20"

- Printed on Mohawk Superfine 80lb Paper

- Genuine Michigan asphalt mixed in with the ink

- Handpressed in New Haven, CT

- Numbered runs of 50 (Black), 25 (Blue) and 25 (Green)

- Need a frame? These are the ones we use


*Since our prints are handpressed, there can be a slight variation in inking making each print awesome in its own way. Their mama wasn't lying when she told them they were special.

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