The Lakefront


Long before stadiums had corporate names with as much charm as stale popcorn, they were named after men and locations. Sure the names may have been just as corporate but I'll take Briggs and Comiskey over Comerica and US Cellular any day. These cathedrals were meeting places, a spot to spend an afternoon cheering for the home team. They're all gone now but the memories that took place within their walls still remain, even if now home plate is a parking lot and left field is a mall.

Sure there was plenty of heartbreak, the proximity to the lake attracted swarms of midges and the sightlines were awful at best, but Lakefront Stadium also found itself on the right side of history more often than not. There was the record attendance the day it opened. There was a World Series in 1948. There was a mythical (in more ways than one) pennant run in '88 behind a closer with Coke-bottle glasses. There was Ten Cent Beer Night. There was the first African-American manager in the game. Lakefront was a cathedral in its own right.

- 100% soft fine jersey cotton (Gray is 90% cotton, 10% polyester)

- Uses prevalent font from the time of opening

- Years of first and last games

- Unisex style

- Made and printed in USA

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