There aren’t any products yet for my state. I love my state and need a Flyover Press product for it in my life. When will you be adding it to the store?

Remember how your mother always used to say money doesn’t grow on trees? Well, she was right. As much as we’d love to have a product up for every state in the Midwest from the start, producing the products takes money and we don’t have a money tree. We’re working to expand as quickly as possible, and the more stuff we sell, the quicker we can expand. So tell all your friends to come and place big orders (we don’t mind small ones either) and we’ll keep adding states. Or figure out how to make a money tree and send us one. Your choice.

Will you expand to include products for states outside the Midwest?

The Midwest is where we call home and it’s what we know and love. We won’t even consider expanding outside of here until we have a product up for every Midwest state. That being said, we know there are plenty of other states out there that aren’t in the Midwest and are sick of being ignored as well and we’d love to eventually include you too. So get all your Midwest friends to check us out and help us grow. Or see the above answer regarding a money tree.

How do you ship the merchandise?

We considered the Pony Express until we realized we were about 150 years too late.  Curse you Samuel Morse and your telegraphs. So instead we ship via USPS with delivery confirmation service. An email containing a tracking number should be sent following the shipment of your order.

How quickly will my merchandise be sent to me after I order it?

We try to ship your order out the same day if possible and 99.9% of the time it will be shipped within 2 days. That .01% is reserved for if the Cubs ever win the World Series, in which case a weeklong celebration will commence. Depending on your distance from southwest Michigan, your order should arrive within 3-7 days from shipping.  If you need it quicker than that send an email to nick@shopflyoverpress.com and we can discuss rush shipping options.

Do I get a shipping discount for ordering multiple products?

In a sense, yes.  Domestic orders $10 and under ship for $1, while all others ship for a flat rate of $5. And orders over $100 ship for free. So the more you buy, the cheaper your shipping. Pretty good deal, huh? 

The shirt I ordered is too large or too small or I changed my mind and the poster I ordered is just so awesome that I’m afraid if people were to gaze upon it they would be rendered speechless. Forever. Can I exchange or return it?

Of course you may, as long as it’s in unused, original condition and within 60 days of purchase. Email us at nick@shopflyoverpress.com with the reason you’d like to exchange or return it, and we’ll provide directions for shipping the item back to us.

After I removed my poster from the shipping tube, it was all curled up. It makes an awesome spyglass but doesn’t hang on my wall too well. How do I fix this?

Lucky for you there are several options. In fact if you ordered more than one poster and are feeling particularly adventurous you could even use a different method for each poster. One option is to unroll the poster, place a heavy book or two upon each end, and allow it to sit for a day or two. Remember those textbooks from freshman year you never used and then the author conveniently released a new edition by changing a couple words so you couldn’t sell it back to the bookstore? Those will work just fine. Or you may give your poster no choice but to lay flat by placing it directly into a frame. Or you may curl the poster the opposite direction and then unroll it, repeating as many times as necessary.

I’m going to be in the South Bend area, can I visit your studio?

We’re small right now so our “studio” consists of the living room couch and a gigantic, obnoxiously heavy desk in the basement. Our warehouse doubles as a fitness center and a bar. Gives a totally new meaning to 12oz. curls. Buy enough product and maybe one day we’ll have a fancy storefront downtown that smells of rich mahogany and is full of leather-bound books. But until then we’re always up for meeting for drinks, dinner, or maybe even some cornhole. Just get in touch with us on social media or shoot an email to nick@shopflyoverpress.com

How do I find out when Flyover Press releases new merchandise?

Follow us on Twitter, friend us on Facebook, or sign up for our email newsletter and you’ll be the first to know about new products, promotions and sales.

I run a store and think Flyover Press products would be a slam dunk with my customers. Do you do wholesale?

Wise choice of words seeing as we’re big basketball fans here. It would be our pleasure for you to sell our products in your store.  Just drop us an email at nick@shopflyoverpress.com and we’ll talk.

Do you do custom work?

Say you’ve got a corporate event coming up and you think it would be really cool to get everyone some made in the USA shirts to commemorate it.  Or you’re getting married and want some unique gifts for your wedding party. Or you run a microbrewery and think your customers might enjoy looking at your beer in art form as much as they love drinking it. Or any other situation you can come up with. There are minimums and all to consider but we’re open to seeing if we can make something work. Send an email to nick@shopflyoverpress.com and let’s talk.